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Flyball / Agility dogs Massage Workshop

Clair Johnston
Posted 9th October, 2011
I am looking forward to spending the afternoon with “Fun Flyballers” at Sedgefield on the 30th October.

Starting at 2pm will be a canine massage workshop, where I will teach you how to give a basic warm up massage and stretch regime for your flyball or agility dogs.

Warming up is very important as it prepares the muscles for exercise, decreases the risk of injury, and aids concentration. Cooling down is equally important as it gives you a chance to spot the signs of injury quickly after an event, and also aids in elimination of toxins from the body, thus reducing post-race stiffness.

After the workshop there will be a limited number of slots available to have your dogs treated by me. Please ensure veterinary authorisation is obtained before the day.

For more information or to book a place, please call Clair Johnston (Heavenly Pet Supplies and Woofcutts Dog Parlour) on 01740 622682 or 07732 188145
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